Saturday, February 9, 2013

Life Newly Married

I'm new to the blog scene and wanted to update all the wonderful people back at home (in Phoenix) or anyone else who cares! The first couple married months have been crazy... crazy wonderful! Here is a little bit of insight into my new life these past couple months:

When I first got here, it was Christmas party season! Here was Matt & I at his company Christmas party. It was great to finally meet some of his co-workers/friends. 
I was thrilled to get our bedding on. Also, we have added a few more pillows since then! I absolutely adore Kate Spade and I love how much she has brightened up our bedroom. Also, I loved getting the eiffel tower lamps from Target off our registry! How cute and how fitting (for those who don't know Matt proposed on the eiffel tower, but I am pretty sure everyone in the world knows that by now)!
This was when we celebrated Matt's promotion at work! We went out to dinner at this cute Italian restaurant in Old Town Alexandria on King Street. We haven't been able to do a whole lot of exploring, but this is by far my favorite area yet. It is so quaint!
We bought and set up our own Christmas tree. This was so fun for the both of us... excuse the mess behind it though. Life is STILL crazy from moving, but it is a bit more organized now at least!
Here we were at Matt's home Church (in PA) the sunday before Christmas. We loved getting festive for the occasion. Please notice Matt's tie! 
Christmas morning with my husband at his parent's house. We had such a great time. I particularly love this picture because stockings were a tradition we started when we were dating. Our first Christmas dating I had no idea what to get him, so I chose to fill a stocking with lots of little gifts. He did the same for me. When we went to exchange I nearly cried because I thought that it was so cute... Clearly, I love Christmas... and Matt. 
This was Christmas dinner with the Nilsen family (minus Matt who was taking the picture). I am very blessed to have such a great new family who I can really be myself around. Also, it's pretty wonderful that they are caterers too. I am loving that! 
It snowed on Christmas up in PA, and we decided to stay up there for the week. It was a relaxing time. And I am absolutely obsessed with this coat from Express!
We brought in the new year with the same Champagne from our wedding night, these wonderful glasses from ZGallerie, and our brand new 60 inch Sony Aquos smart TV. In case, you were wondering that is 21 Jumpstreet, haha. Fun fact: Matt and I are both fans of the real 21 Jumpstreet. You know, the cheesy one with teenage Johnny Depp!
We love our new bluray player. I always used to think blurays were overrated, but now it is the only way I want to watch movies. Uh oh, I am becoming a little spoiled!
Sadly, I got the flu, and it really kicked my butt for a week. On the bright side, I have a wonderful husband who took care of me and came home with flowers one of the days. P.S. Thanks to everyone on our fridge who gave us Christmas cards! 
This is the newest addition to our family: "Chewie" Chewbacca Nilsen. He is a teacup yorkie puppy who is a bundle of rambunctious joy. He was my early Valentine's Day present! I am so so blessed!
If you don't think he is cute, you are certifiably crazy. 
He is quite the little sophisticated man. 
Well, that's all folks! Thanks for reading the blog. I promise the future ones will be shorter. I gotta get off this thing though... Chewie keeps trying to walk across the keyboard. 

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