Tuesday, April 30, 2013


My dad would have been 54 years today. It has been a year and half since he passed.

The above picture may seem like a weird choice, but it was an awesome memory that showed his great sense of humor. He was being silly with his paper crown and fork scepter when we were in the café of the Vatican museum. 5 minutes later he fell asleep at the table and we got it on video. It was hilarious.

Here are 54 ways my dad taught me to live:
  1. Put God first. 
  2. Put family second. 
  3. Start off your day in prayer. 
  4. Always keep learning. Read, read, read. 
  5. Passion is kindled. 
  6. Speak the truth in love. 
  7. Be yourself. 
  8. Take the time for long conversations. 
  9. Tell stories to your children. 
  10. Make others laugh. 
  11. Make yourself laugh. 
  12. Know the Bible like your life depends on it. 
  13. Share what you know. 
  14. Dream big. 
  15. Marry well--potential, not financial. 
  16. Take risks. Invest. 
  17. Instill importance in others. 
  18. Stay loyal. 
  19. March to the beat of your own drum. 
  20. Cuddle your spouse and kids. 
  21. Love all dogs. 
  22. Sing loud, no matter what. 
  23. Practice writing. It is valuable. 
  24. Find a need and fill it. 
  25. Leadership can be lonely. 
  26. Figure out what you do well and how to do better. 
  27. Stay in awe of God's creation. 
  28. Steaks are wonderful. 
  29. Care about your heritage. 
  30. Remember those less fortunate than you. 
  31. Give generously. 
  32. Open up your home. 
  33. Be ready in and out of season. 
  34. Stay sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leadings. 
  35. Discipline your kids. 
  36. Act like a kid sometimes. 
  37. Kiss your husband/wife often. 
  38. Marriage is a journey, not a destination. 
  39. Stay grateful. 
  40. Say please. 
  41. Travel and expand your worldview. 
  42. Always plan something you can look forward to. 
  43. Be active in politics. 
  44. Have opinions. 
  45. Network. 
  46. Make time for hurting people. 
  47. If someone doesn't value your time, don't give it. 
  48. Time is precious. Plan well. 
  49. Church is a necessity. 
  50. Let go of offenses. 
  51. It is okay to experience emotions. 
  52. Righteousness is more important than popularity. 
  53. Be a friend to everyone. 
  54. Love sincerely and deeply. 

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