Friday, July 19, 2013

Drumroll Please...

I have taken my time and waited until I felt like I was ready... & I am officially signed up for Regent University for the fall! I will be pursuing an undergraduate degree in history. This is such an exciting time filled with emotions. I have changed my major AND my school. Fresh slate, new beginnings, unknown opportunities! Emily Nilsen is ready to take hold of her life again!

I apologize for not blogging more frequently (for anyone who cares, haha). I was looking through my old blog about resolutions, and I have to admit I have fallen off the bandwagon in a few areas. Gym and weight loss have not been going so well lately, but my work has increased exponentially, and I am back on track for school-- not to mention I am cooking majority of the week and trying to keep a clean house, haha. Some days, it feels impossible to get on top of all the areas and to be the well-rounded and productive adult I desire to be. Maybe one day... In the meantime, it is a daily struggle to remind myself that this is something everyone goes through. As I am rebuilding my life, I am often angered that I still am not at the 100% functioning level that I would like to be. I don't feel like I can juggle every area of my life. I am not saying this to say, "Woe is me;" rather, I am saying it because someone needs to. There is a built in pressure in our society that we need to work, go to school, cook, clean, exercise, get proper sleep, read, socialize, volunteer, etc. And there always seems to be someone who is doing all of it better than us. Well, maybe one day... but today, I am at least working on more than I was before. Adulthood is no cakewalk, kids! Day by day & season to season, gradually I am growing into who I want to be!

Anyway, happy friday! Have fun and enjoy life best you can! 
Also, just a reminder that I have the cutest dog in the world: 

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