Friday, November 15, 2013

Year One: Home Memories

Sunday the 17th will mark our first anniversary. This picture documents Matthew in our apartment during the second month. Everything was scattered & disorganized. Our TV was tiny. We had nothing on the walls yet, and presumably nothing in our fridge... This whole year I had been sneakily taking pictures of Matt helping around the apartment, sleeping and working. I had this grandiose plan of a beautifully eloquent blog that shared our love in its normalcy. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago I lost all of those pictures off my iphone (lesson learned, icloud more often). Although I no longer have the pictures, I have the thoughts, and I plan to record those thoughts as best I can. 

My first year with Matthew has been a whirlwind. In no way has he stopped swooping me off my feet. The dates he plans are inventive and fun. He loves surprising me with little gifts. I am blessed. But the way I have been most blessed have been in who he is at home. Here are some of my favorite "home" memories from this year (no order): 

every night we have prayed together before bed
when he sang me to sleep
him beating me in basically every board game I asked him to play
him playing with me most every time I asked him to play a board game
the time he electrocuted himself while trying to "fix" something (it was minor)
the terrible massages since he didn't know what he was doing (much better now!)
his preference to cuddle in the morning rather than at night
when we both try to win the "who can weird the other one our more" game
the way he would sit in the bathroom and talk to me while I showered because I would get bored
all the helpful times he would do the dishes or the laundry 
the times he slept talked really sweet things and had no recollection the next day
the times he slept talked really weird, hilarious things and had no recollection the next day
the way he loves our little dog so much and has such a soft spot for him
when we bought coloring books and the dozens of time that we have been coloring in them
all the times I scared him and he had hilarious reactions
 him soothing me during my panic attacks
him adjusting his schedule and making sacrifices because of my panic attacks
the sweet kisses on my forehead he would give me before work
the way we watched a bagillion disney movies before we went to Disney World
his super cute laugh when he watches 30 Rock 
how he stopped objecting to me giving him raspberries
when we went couch shopping together
the super long Chipotle lines that he waited on so I could get my spicy fix
the way every bluray we watch he comments on how pretty the picture is
all the times he ate breakfast with me even though he is not a fan of the meal
when he would play video games while I did homework
the way we would switch back and forth choosing what to watch
all the times we stayed up super late talking just because life felt like a slumber party
when I would wake him up for the gym in the morning and he was so confused every time
when we set up our first Christmas tree together
all the times we thought we were the two funniest people on earth
late night dog walks to the 7 Eleven 
him working hard from home on the weekends or at night 
the way he always works hard for us even when he is exhausted
the 5000 chicken nuggets he has eaten over the course of this year 
the 300 gallons of unsweetened ice tea he has drank this year
every time that I think he is so predictable and he weirds me out with a random choice
how he has started many books this year but forgets to finish them 
all the times he helped my family even from afar
the way we would sing musical/disney songs together on road trips
when we would dance super ridiculous around the room (okay mostly me, but he would laugh)
his morning texts after he got to work wishing me a good day 
the times we were separated for business or trips and the feeling of how deeply I missed him
every time he told me I was a good wife
the way he would offer to iron for me (knowing I am always running behind)
how well he treated me when I was sick
the way we wrestle and I never ever ever win 
all the kisses 
all the hugs/cuddles
& all the wonderful private other stuff that I am not gonna talk about on the internet! ;) 

Matthew, I am so blessed to have been given this year with you. I thank God for all the fun we have had, the intimacy we have developed and all the new discoveries of each other that we continue to uncover. I am looking forward to celebrating this year this weekend... and all the subsequent years that we will continue to celebrate our love. 

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